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Another good reason to watch downloaded versions of Farenheit 911

It turns out that watching a downloaded version of Moore’s Farenheit 911 can result in him loosing the chance of getting an Oscar for best doccumentary as reported by Wired Magazine. It would be really funny if this happens given his total rejection of IPR laws.

I watched Farenheit 911 from a downloaded movie as I recommended in my previous post. Although funny at times, it turns out to be not too funny, too long, too boring, and I think he ends ups loosing any credibility he has by not digging deeper on some issues that he touches and spending too long on his personal opinions on discrimination, and the suffering of some of the families of the heroes of the Irak war.

Some topics that he touches might be interesting to develop, like the saudis leavind the US right after 911, or the connections of Bush family with middle east interests, but he rather fails to do so by trying to spread his propaganda and knitting his conspiracy theories. Even critics that might be simpatetic to the idea that the Irak war has been a total mistake seem to be not favorable to him and his ramblings. To see more critics check the following:

From the right:

and from the left:


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