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Daylight Saving Time

This coming sunday in the US we turn our clocks back one hour, so we will be able to sleep one hour later. Since I am a recent arrival to this country I found this webpage that explains the rationale behind this curious practice not observed near the equator.


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Big Brother in Virginia

The use of RFID in Virginia Licenses is currently being taken into consideration. That has sparked a debate over privacy and security issues. The traditional privacy advocates views is that this might be a nightmare and that our privacy is going to be thrown into the trash. On the other hand tech gurus, and big companies that will be able to handle more efficiently their inventory and offer better suited products to the consumer preferences, argue that RFID is only going to make our lifes easier. Reason Magazine had a good article that explored the pros and cons of this new technology that is being pushed by big companies as Walmart as well as governments, and it’s hottly debated among libertarians.

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Interesting article from the scientific point of view.  This, to say the least explains how people’s brains react based on their sense of things, but does not at least in the short term helps you predict people’s reactions to certain products or issues.  It only tells you that different people have different reactions to the same stimulus.  On the other hand somebody would figure out a sort mind reader using this tecnology to present you ads, based on what things make you feel confortable.

Asimov saw it coming: Picking a voter’s brain

All the brain scans in the world won’t crack the mystery of what makes people vote.

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