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2004        Maestro en Administración (Master in Business Administration), Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Monterrey (ITESM Universidad Virtual), Mexico

1995    Licenciado en Economía (B.A. in Economics), Francisco Marroquín University Guatemala, Guatemala

1991    Bachiller en Humanidades (High School Diploma), Nuevo Mundo High School, Guayaquil – Ecuador


2001 – 2004    Senior Fellow at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Researcher

·        Acting Director of the Latin American Program

·        Coordinate grants and reports from Institutes in
Latin America

·        Prepare Latin American annual report

·        Prepare Latin American proposal for donors

·        Groom and discover potential Intellectual entrepreneurs and think tanks

·        Coordinator or Latin American Events in the USA and
Latin America

Guayaquil, July, 2001 (Ethics and Capitalism: The Nature of Taxes in a Free Society)

o       Key Biscayne November, 2001 (Fundraising in difficult environments)

o       Santa Cruz, Bolivia, July, 2002 “42nd International Workshop: Crisis in
Latin America”

Washington DC, March 13, 2003 co-hosted with Hudson Institute (Indiana) Beyond the Public Relations Effort: An Unbiased Examination of Argentina

Bogotá, Colombia, July 24-25, 2003 “Management Workshop: Leadership and Governance in Civil Society Institutions”

o       Washington DC August 5, 2003 co-hosted with Hudson Institute (Indiana) “
Venezuela – Preserving Political Democracy through Civil Society”

o       Bogotá, Colombia, November 6-7, 2003 “
Colombia – Terrorism, Populism, and the Rule of Law”

o       Miami, November 17-21, 2004 “FL The Benefits of Economic Liberalization and the FTAA,

o       Panama, November 2004 (100th anniversary of dollarization in

·        Chief technical advisor for Atlas Economic Research Foundation          

o       Manage network and clients workstations

o       Recommend IT solutions for Atlas Economic Research Foundation

§         Network office, Windows server 2000, Upgrade to Windows 2003, Exchange Server 2000 and 2003,

§         VOIP solution for Atlas Economic Research Foundation (ALTIGEN systems)

2000 – 2001    Executive Director Fundación Libertad Guayaquil         

·        General Manager

·        Organize events

·        Fundraising

·        Publications coordinator

·        Research coordinator

2000 – 2001    Teacher at Torremar High School

·        Management of your Resources (credit course)

·        20th Century History (credit course)

·        Economic Thinking History (credit course)

·        English (full year) 8th grade

·        Science Nature (full year) 8th grade

·        8th grade class coordinator

1998 – 2000   Administrative Assistant, and President’s assistant,Torremar
High School.

·        Transportation coordinator

o       Managed more than 15 routes with an average of 20 kids per route, a total of 300 children.

·        Events coordinator

o       Organized event for High School principals to increase their management habilities with spanish educational experts

·        Sembrar Coordinator a saturday program to enhance teaching and human skills of low income rural teachers (2 consecutive periods)

1996 – 1998    American Computing School Director,

·        General Manager

·        Coordinate computer classes in Windows, Office and DOS.

·        Administer Network, Novel 3.12

·        Advertise and promote courses

·        Hire teachers and design course curriculum

·        Accounting

1996 – 1998    Santa Fe High School,

·        General Manager

·        Hire and coordinate teachers work

·        Accounting

·        Teacher at economics class

1994                Bank Superintendence in Guatemala

·        Economic Theory I

1994               Guatemala
Center for Development

·        Teacher assistant Econometrics

1993 – 1995    Economics Faculty “Ronald Dent” Laboratory Assistant,Francisco

·        Lab coordinator, afternoons

·        Fix and support Windows 3.1 computers

·        Once a month reinstall 30 computers software

1993 – 1995    Francisco Marroquín University teacher assistant at the following courses

·        Economics II

·        Econometrics II

·        Managerial Economics

·        Computers I

·        Computers II



2004 – 2005    Cordinator and creator of spanish group blog Cambiemos
Ecuador  (22.000+ visits up today)

2004 – 2005    Personal webpage (English)

2000 – 2001    Board Member and Executive Director, Fundación Libertad (think tank)

2000 – 2001    Member of the Economic Forum (Organization that supported and recommended dollarization in

2000 – 2001    Op-eds at El Telégrafo Newspaper

1999 – 2001    Op-eds at Extra Newspaper

1997 – 2001    Active member of Union Etico Libertaria (UEL) Organization that organizes debates and discussion on public policy issues at university level.

1997 – 2000    Researcher at Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economía Política (IEEP) Think Tank


            English; High level of proficiency

            Spanish; Native Language


Servers, Technology, Computers, Economics, Austrian Economics, Libertarianism, Catholic issues, history of Guayaquil and the USA, Latin American Issues


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