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Please give a visa to this guys

This is not the first time that I have seen this, but this is the first time that I am going to propose this. Regardless of where cubans are found at the sea or on the Florida beaches, the BCIS should give permanent residency to this guys that are entepreneurial and creative in their ways to modify things to be able to escape the socialist “paradise” Cuba. Can you imagine how much the USA benefits by accepting this guys into this country, a society that is perfectly characterized by its enteprenurial drive and rewards to creative people?


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Would you dare to eat in a restaurant like this?

Check out this restaurant in Taiwan. I wonder if all the equipment is functional or if they had clients that try to use them. See for yourself. (Warning don’t eat while seeing this)

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Mickey Mouse spoke with LBJ.

This is too funny. The Navy was experimenting with sending divers to deeper and deeper depths for longer and longer periods of time. One of these divers- the former astronaut Scott Carpenter- has just set a world record: he’s spent thirty days in the ocean at a depth of 200 feet.

A pre-arranged phone call to the White House is planned. The idea is to have President Lyndon Johnson offer Commander Carpenter a formal congratulation. This is a purely ceremonial call. It should be cut-and-dried. But there’s a bizarre problem. Commander Carpenter is no longer underwater; he’s in a decompression chamber. He’s breathing air in which nitrogen- the gas which can give people the bends- has been replaced by helium. Helium is harmless, but it distorts the voice. When he speaks, Commander Carpenter sounds like Mickey Mouse.
Via Boing Boing

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JibJab #2 has arrived

The second release of the political sattire cartoon phenomenon of this election year has arrived. This one titled “Is good to be in DC” has the hard time of being overshadowed by the raving success of “This land”. Check their website and check if the second release is funny as the first one.
Now you can own both on DVD, I will run to get my copy too. So far my only concern at this time of the posting is that their website is having problems to load due to the heavy traffic so be patient, or if you want to see them on tv today check at the following stations:

October 8th, Catch the JibJab brothers on the
boob tube!

The Today Show
Between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM EST

CNBC Squawk Box
Immediately after the Today Show

Between 9:15 AM and 9:30 AM EST

FOX News – DaySide
Between 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM EST

CNBC Capitol Report
Between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM EST

ABC News Now (tentative)
Between 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM EST

MSNBC – Countdown with Keith Olberman
Between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM EST

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My wife suspected it all the time

Ever since we moved to our new home there has been a fish tank in our room that belongs to the owner of the house. Since the fish are too big and the tank is huge we have accepted those pets until a new home for them could be found. My wife complains that the fish tank is smelly, I don’t have a good sense of smell, and besides the smelly food that its poured in the tank every once in a while I don’t see why they should be smelly. Now imagine this morning that I was reading about the Ig Nobel Prizes, that honor the best in oddball research, run the gamut from a nudist library to a psychology experiment featuring a man in a gorilla suit to a recent finding that herrings communicate by farting. I don’t know what kind of fish we have but my wife suspected it all the time the fish tank is in fact smelly. We definitively have a group of chatty fish in the tank.

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Beware of Eating Cicadas

I have to admit that my direst predictions on Cicadas, were not true, besides the continous sound of them that makes you feel like some sort of UFO is flying around.  They have turn out to be completely harmless and not annoying as crickets.  The story below is a funny one, on somebody that tried to eat Cicadas.  I guess that the same common sense should apply here, if you are allergic to food stuff don’t even try them.

Man Becomes Ill After Gorging on Cicadas (AP)
AP – A man who cooked and ate nearly 30 cicadas sought medical treatment after suffering a strong allergic reaction to the sauteed insects.

For those of you still brave enough wishing to try them, check this link

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Get ready for fried Cicadas

I grossed out after reading this morning’s Washington Times forecast for an expected Cicada Invasion to surface after 17 years of pleasant sleep on the soil. The invasion is forecasted to be like the egiptian plagues of the bible and its expected to last for a month. It seems that we will have to get ready to cook them and try all sort of recipes with Cicadas during May and early june.

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