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Alive here

Well it seems that throughout April I have been lazy to write in this BLOG. Part of the problem why I am not blogging is that most of the time I did that while I was forced to used the computer for my final work in my MBA.
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Blogging is serious

Interesting article it relates to what is going on at the Blogshpere with the Kos’ affair and how serious Blogging is becoming.

Keep Your Day Job
New at Reason: Could the growth of weblogging into a quasi-professional industry be taking the fun out of blogs? Assuming for the sake of argument that there was ever anything “fun” about blogging, Julian Sanchez casts a cold eye on the Kos affair.

What I found interesting about the article besides the power of blogging is the fact that Blogging is becoming a more trusted source of news than the conventional News.  For this matter and how Blogs are making the headlines check wired Magazine Article:,1284,56978,00.html

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Blogging and good news from Ecuador

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to force myself to write after 3 year hiatus of not doing it. I have to admit that after a trial period of 1 month I am satisfied with it although the discipline of trying to write everyday is harsh.
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I have fall for the latest fads of all. Weblogging. I am on a trial period so let’s see how this works out

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